Beginners Guide For Dark Interiors With Black & Grey Decor

Shaping Slick Dark Interiors With Black & Grey Decor

Dark and decidedly slick, these black and grey interiors push the boundaries on great taste and modern home design. Charcoal living rooms play on a theme of shadows and highlights to shape layouts that are intriguing and ambiguous. Slatted dividers, stone walls and textured elements take on added prominence in the low light. Graphite kitchens skim the edges of living rooms, falling away to let areas of comfort take the lead. Lounge furniture takes on a sculptural quality in stark surroundings, whilst cool art and contemporary home accessories shake up the darkness with quirky silhouettes and abstract motifs. Black dining sets are lit from overhead by eye-catching lighting designs that burn through the blackness.

A white Doric column cuts thickly through the black and grey interior of this Moscow studio design, demanding the layout to work around it.

A modern sofa configuration is pulled around the base of the column, facing both toward the TV and into the room behind.

Solid oak flooring lightens up the decor scheme and introduces texture.

Vertical radiators blend into the dark backdrop, placed either side of an undressed window.

The black living room is a minimalist open plan that includes the lounge, a dining area, and a concealed kitchen.

An artistic modern dining room chandelier snakes across the dark space, burning brightly against industrial metal rafters.

A smooth wall of wood fronted cabinets washes warmth and lighter tone across the entire length of the room, with the TV mounted against one end.

Directional track lights highlight the wood grain wall, whilst leaving the black dining set in the shadows.

Single hung windows set narrow lightboxes into the stark backdrop.

A slatted screen separates the grey dining room from the home entryway.

The kitchen remains a secretive volume until it’s required for purpose.

At meal times, the wall of wooden storage opens up to reveal a section of kitchen shelving and base units.

Moody backlit shelves give the one wall kitchen the appearance of a wet bar, but a small hob in the worktop reveals its full function.

Our second home design features much larger windows, but the interior design is made equally dark with charcoal grey and black elements.

A linear LED floor lamp interrupts the darkened room. A thinner LED ribbon strokes the top of the window wall.

A pair of oval coffee tables scoop out the centre of the lounge, their rounded bases darkening into obscurity.

The kitchen’s linear suspension light spans the entire length of a long stone island, which is set with an induction hob and the kitchen sink

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